It’s only right I pay homage to the woman who changed the art game for me; my Mother.

Photo by Dad

Photo by Dad

I specifically remember towards the end of my second year of university that we uncovered a majestic red and gold leather photo album. I knew that something great was about to unfold. The cover itself made me excited, as I’m a huge fan of vintage goods and knowing that I was about to view analogue photographs from way back as well, just topped this to about a thousand percent more.

Going through the photo album was so magical. Just writing about it gives me the excitement of when I first opened that album and honestly to this day it still does. Every sense in my body was on edge. Lovingly I turned each page as if it were a sacred book. The crinkle sound they made still echoes in my memory. 

Opening that suitcase was again like another rare find. My Dad pressed in the lock combination and opened it. All I saw was a kaleidoscope of colours staring back at me. I was in love, in awe of everything. These weren’t just clothes, they held memories. The suitcase was a museum. They were precious artefacts over twenty years old; still in pristine condition, although they held a musky smell.

jasmin sehra.jpg

I went home feeling like a new person. As if I had found my identity. My calling. I knew it. And for me it all connects. Even when my Mum dressed and styled my twin brother and I, my Dad photographed moments at the right time. What we wore, what we did, and what we are today were and are in essence my parents back then.

My mum and Dad changed the art game for me and helped me grow in so many different lights. I knew then that my Mum was the original Paradise Girl. But to me now, she is the Paradise Queen.